canada view

My trip to Canada!

February 17, 2018 druel10 0

Hi everyone! Finally a new post… With some great news! I finally got around in making a short video about my trip to Canada! ? This trip […]

swollen knee

About my right knee

November 9, 2017 druel10 0

My knee… A big story. I have been having problems with it because of fitness. I would put a lot of weight on different machines, […]

vampire diaries series

My new obsession

November 9, 2017 druel10 0

  Guess what… I got Netflix. And I am now watching The Vampire Diaries. So I just have one advice… Don’t get Netflix when you […]

Halloween makeup

Halloween Haunted House

November 2, 2017 druel10 0

This post is about that creepy day that every one fears… Halloween! And this year, my boyfriend did something incredible. Want to know more? Keep […]

No Picture

My first post

October 26, 2017 druel10 0

Hi there! Well, this is it, my first post. I am happy that I am making this website, even thrilled I have to say, because […]