About my right knee

swollen knee
swollen knee

My knee…

A big story.

I have been having problems with it because of fitness. I would put a lot of weight on different machines, and I guess that my knee didn’t appreciate it. So I stopped the gym, and everything got better.

But when I started hip-hop, things were getting out of hand. It started swelling. I went to the doctors who said my patella wasn’t stable, wasn’t fixated, so prescribed me a kneepad. And every thing went better.

And then other problems started. One day, I walked from the bus stop to the university, and my knee just blew up. it was horrible. I could neither bend or stretch my leg. Therefore, I had trouble walking. My knee was just so swollen, hot because of the inflammation, that it lasted for 4 days. That’s when I decided to take care of it, because a few months after I was going to Canada, and I was starting to panic. I was able to get appointments very quickly, and so I did a radio, a scanner,  an arthroscanner… But they couldn’t see anything. Just that there was liquid inside, meaning inflammation.

So I left it there, and continued to have a swollen up knee from time to time. And when I came from holiday, aka a whole day being in the same position in a car, my knee was even more swollen that it had been ever before. And it was actually painful. Because yes, I haven’t said, it has never really been painful, it just usually limited my movements, that gave me sensations of discumfort. But that day, it actually felt like my knee was going to explode. So once I got back to the North of France, my parents decided to go to the emergencies. They were going to do a puncture, when at the last minute said they couldn’t because the swelling wasn’t where it should have been in order to do a puncture.

Anyways, they suggested a rheumatologist, that I have seen about a month ago, and he was great. He said I could continue dancing, and just slow it down when it starts hurting. I have been prescribed kinesitherapy in order to strenghen my quadriceps.

23574268_1653156131391006_225925818_n 23602087_1653156234724329_1559056222_nI will let you know how it evolves!

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