My trip to Canada!

canada view
Coach trail

Hi everyone!

Finally a new post… With some great news!

I finally got around in making a short video about my trip to Canada! ?

This trip was exceptional because it was my first time for everything: travelling alone, taking a plane (for 9 hours may I add), going outside Europe, first time going through customs, first American donuts, (first time eating tofu for that matter..). I can say that it was a real challenge and true experience!

It was so amazing, and I loved it. I can’t wait to travel again!

As a note, I was in British Columbia. The people you see at the end of my video are the people who hosted me. The dog, is their lovely dog Enya. And I can also add that I worked in exchange of free accomodation (this website: is what you need if you’re interested in travelling this way!).

Anyways, enough reading, now watch this video!


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