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vampire diaries series


Guess what… I got Netflix. And I am now watching The Vampire Diaries.

So I just have one advice… Don’t get Netflix when you are a student! The temptation to watch Netflix is horrible and too hard to resist. If I could, I would basically stay in bed 24/7 just watching my tv. I started the Vampire Diaries series like three weeks ago, and I’m already half-way through the second season. Can you believe it? This is suicide when you are a student because you just end up sleeping late and wasting time.

Anyways, I started watching this series when it first started back in 2009, but I just stopped watching  at about season 3 because, well, I had other things going on, and I hated waiting for the next season to start: the breaks between two seasons are always two long. But now that I have Netflix, and that all the seasons of the Vampire Diaries are available ont, I can just watch, watch and watch.

And it is really good. I do love this series, much better than Twilight (not criticizing, I like Twilight, but I must admit that the Vampire Diaries is waaaaaayyyy better). I love the story, the pilot twists, the characters (especially Damon, aka Ian Somerhalder), only thing is: maybe there is just too much drama all the time?

What about you? Do you know this series? And whose your favorite character?

Stay tuned!

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