Halloween Haunted House

Halloween makeup
Halloween makeup

This post is about that creepy day that every one fears… Halloween!

And this year, my boyfriend did something incredible. Want to know more? Keep reading…

Within the framework of the association Andyvie in Bourbourg, last year they had organized a halloween evening, that involved watching a film, a snack (pizza), and a hide-and-seek inside the Espace Pierre de Coubertin in Bourbourg, which is quite big. Just that was very succesful. So this year, my boyfriend suggested to do a Haunted House, in that very same place (Espace Pierre de Coubertin). He has been working ever about June 2017, making everything from scratch. There was no budget assigned to him. Everything he did, he made by hand, all his ideas, came from his creativity. He made an electric chair from pieces of wood, a instrument of torture inspired by Saw from wood also and pieces given from people who were giving away things they wanted to throw out, he made a 4 meter long cage out of wooden palettes…. He has been working so hard, and when he had free time, that is what he was working on.

The concept of this Haunted House, was that each room corresponded to a different theme. One room was The Exorcist, an other was Saw, then there was the Ring (for this he actually had a real telly that he broke to put someone inside!). Then you had this hallway, and you had the guy from Saw who came to the people on a small trycicle and asked them to get a code that was hidden in a safe, which was at the end of an other hallway perpendicular to the one they were in. This hallway was lighted by a stroboscope, which made everything very stressful, and along the way some actors would scare out, coming out of nowhere! After the code was given, there was the doll themed room, then a zombie room, with among the false mannequins laying on the floor, real actors that would scare the people. Then, the Haunted House continued outside, with the Creepy Festival, with me inside. I was playing the crazy clown, a bit like Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. I actually had a baseball bat. With me were two other clowns, really really scary. We had these colored lights that fonctionned according the music, which was really cool. Then, once they crossed the creepy festival, they was the cementary. In there, there was Jason, you must have already heard of him. And this guy that represents death, but I don’t really know if he has a name. Then, when people thought it was over, there was my boyfriend, coming out of nowhere, with a real chainsaw (without the chain, don’t want to hurt anyone!), chasing the people, and all you could here was screaming all over the place!

I must add also, that in each room there was music playing, according to the theme. And that, added a lot to the scenes. Light was also thought. The actors were all volunteers. So that included friends and members of the association Andyvie. The real people who worked on this were my boyfriend, Romain Peugny, and his friend Bastien. They made 80% of everything, every week-end, every holiday. The rest were things that people gave, like curtens, teddybears, emply bottels etc.

It was a huge success, the only thing is, we didn’t make much publicity about it because we didn’t know how it would turn out. But now that the association saw what my boyfriend was capable of, I’m pretty sure next year will be exceptional.

A video of it will soon be done, and in that case I will share it with you. Until then, here is a video of the trailer of it, and a video I took of the hallway with the troboscope. Unfortunately, there is no picture of me from the day of the Haunted House, but I can put a picture of the makeup I did, as I practised it before the event.

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