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Hey there!

I’ve got good news for you, coming up next semester on my website…. videos! Yes, I am planing to film some of my dances, and to publish them on here. I haven’t had time to do it yet, between school and exams, dance lessons, and that Haunted House as you know, I wasn’t able to fit that in in my time table yet. But I really it’s important that I do this, so this will definitely come up, I promise. I think it’s important because, I go on about what I’ve learnt, what I’m doing, but I haven’t yet showed you!

I’m also planing on creating a account, where I’ll be able to also do shorter dances, and which will be fun I think to do. I’ll tell you once I have created it, and give you my account name in order for you to follow me!

Last thing I wanted to say is that I am also going to do a video of my Canada trip. Because just before leaving, I had saved money to buy myself a GoPro camera. I bought the 5session one, so I have a lot of videos, which I will sort out, and make a 3 or 4 minute long video, to share with you the amazing experience I had. I’m looking forward to this, because I know it is going to bring back so many memories. I can’t believe that it even happened 7 months ago, it’s weird but it seems so far away!


Stay tuned!Dancing photoCanada

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