Professional experiences

  • Summer 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (period each time: a month)

I worked as an assistant to the purchasing and invoicing department, at the Harsco Metals & Minerals corporate located in Grande-Synthe. I would process received incoives, archive old ones, and try to resolve problems when there were some. I also dealt with other tasks in other departments when helped was needed. These tasks mainly involved archiving, and work on spreadsheets.

This work has taught me how to work on a software that dealt with accounting in order to process invoices, it also forced me to be concentrated at all times because one error can be serious. It has also brought me confidence, because sometimes I get returns on the work I do and they have always been positive until now. Furthermore, last year I had to translate a text from French to English, and it was going to be sent to thousands of people around the world, and I was a bit scared especially that I was translating this for the director, but the director was very pleased with my work.

  • April 2017

Volunteer work in a hostel, the Misty River Lodge, in Radium Hot Spring, British Columbia in Canada. Volunteer work in exchange of free accomodation. The tasks mainly concerned cleaning the rooms, working outside, and welcoming clients.

This has shown me how to do everything perfectly, because clients do not want to find hair or dirty stains in the bathroom or bedroom while their stay. So I would always make sure that everything was spotless.