Agreement in Principle Online Free

Agreement in Principle Online Free: Everything You Need to Know

If you`re looking to buy a property, you`ve likely heard the term “agreement in principle” (AIP) being thrown around. An AIP is essentially a statement from a mortgage lender that indicates how much they would be willing to lend to you based on your income, credit rating, and other financial factors.

But did you know that you can obtain an AIP online for free? In this article, we`ll cover all you need to know about agreement in principle online free, and how to obtain one.

Why is an Agreement in Principle Important?

An AIP gives you a good idea of how much you can borrow, therefore, it is important to get one before you start looking at properties to buy. An AIP helps you gauge your budget and narrow down the properties that fall within your price range. Additionally, an AIP can make you a stronger candidate when it comes to making an offer on a property. In a competitive property market, having a mortgage lender`s AIP behind you can help you stand out from other potential buyers and impress sellers.

How to Obtain an Online Free Agreement in Principle

Getting an AIP online is a simple and straightforward process. Many lenders have online portals that allow you to apply for an AIP in less than 30 minutes. You`ll need to provide some basic personal and financial information, including:

– Your full name and contact information

– Employment status and income details

– Information about any debts or credit obligations you have

– Your current address and proof of residency

– Details of the property you`re looking to buy (if applicable)

Once you`ve provided all the necessary information, the lender will run a credit check and assess your affordability. If everything checks out, they`ll be able to provide you with an AIP within a matter of hours or days.

Things to Keep in Mind

When applying for an AIP online free, it`s important to keep the following in mind:

1. Not all lenders offer AIPs online free, some may have a fee attached to it.

2. An AIP is not a guarantee or an offer of a mortgage. It`s simply an indication of how much a lender would be willing to lend to you based on your initial application. The actual amount you can borrow may be different depending on your circumstances.

3. An AIP usually lasts for around three months, so it`s important to start looking for properties within that timeframe.


An AIP can be a helpful tool when it comes to navigating the property market. With an AIP in hand, you`ll have a better idea of what you can afford, making your property search easier and more efficient. Plus, obtaining an AIP online is quick, easy, and free, so there`s really no reason not to get one!