My hobbies

Travel is one of my favorite things in life. I think discovering new
people, new cultures, can learn and bring
us so many things. Of course I knotravelw I’ve been lucky to have parents that could make us
travel, my sisters and I. I am thankful to be lucky enough to discover things around the world, and I would like to be able to transmit some lessons life taught me during this trips.


I’m also a fan of dancing. I’ve been dancing since I’m a child and this has always been a passion. A passion I hDanse 2ad to stop for my studies, but this is definitely something I will practice again. This is the kind of art I appreciate and this allows to express oneself, in a different way than with words. Sometimes it’s easier to talk with the body than with words. As a teacher, I think art would be a part of the education I would like to transmit.

danse enfants

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