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By on March 22, 2018


I am born and grew up in Lyon. Both my parents were from there. I have a older brother and a younger sister. I spend my first 11 years in Lyon, and at the age of 11, my family moved out to the country near from Lyon. I was still in the area and Lyon was 40 kilometers away. At 24, I left to England to be au pair during four months, and when I return, I spend six months in my parent’s home. I finally decided to move to Dunkirk, north of France, to join my boyfriend whom I met during my journey to England three and a half years ago. I live in Dunkirk since and I resumed my studies in order to get a degree in languages. That was the best decision I ever took. Sometimes, I regret my home town for it is a beautiful cities with wonderful places and particularly the majestic view from Fourvi√®re, from which you can see the entire city from a raised vantage point. This place in particular is my favorite place ever. When I miss Lyon, I always think of that place actually.

Aquabike session

By on February 16, 2018

Typical aquabike session

Aquabiking is a sport activity which consists of riding a cycle in water, usually a waterpool. All the benefits of this activity are consequently exactly the ones of the cycling, but it is not less difficult nor less fatiguing. The biggest asset of aquabiking is, thanks to water, that we don’t feel any aches or muscle soreness after the session. While an hour of swimming or cycling burns around 350 calories, aquabiking burns 450 calories per hour. It is not just about slowly pedalling in a warm water. There is a coach for group sessions and that coach sets the beat and gives the instructions with a background music. So he can decide when the participants will work wether the arms or the legs, which moves could be done, if we have to pedal forward or backwards, and so on. Therefore, it is a real and complete sport which involves all muscles of the body.

I have started aquabike in January 2017. At first it was a way to smoothly return to sport. It is very beneficial and it burns more calories than it appears at first sight. I’ve started it one year ago now. After six months of aquabiking, I return to sport, beginning with fitness machines (rower, stepper, climbmill) and after two months of fitness or cardiotraining equipments, I’ve finally started strength-building machines. I go to sport twice to thrice a week since Summer 2017. Thanks to this sport pace, I am now more active, my muscles are stronger, I breathe more easily, and of course, I lost 22 lbs. I started rebalancing my eating habits three years ago, and since, I lost 66 lbs.

Digital drawing

By on February 16, 2018

computer drawing

On my free time, I draw with a drawing pad. I have started this hobby since 2013. My style of drawing is more cute and colorful things. You can visit my tumblr on the tumblr link below, at the top right hand corner of the website.

Since few months, I concentrate on watercolors and pastel colors. Here is a preview of three of my works.

Drawing of owl dragonfly watercolor self-portrait

One of my dreams in my life would be to draw at a professional level in the future. As I intend to be a teacher for children, it could be ideal to, in parallel, illustrating book children. Indeed my style of drawing corresponds to that and it would be a good supplementary activity. But I am realistic and I know it can be really hard to be sucessful in this business. That is why, for now, I just continue to draw for fun and practice to improve.

Hello, you are on the website of an aspiring teacher

By on November 13, 2017


Hello, my name is Melody, I am 26 years old, I was born and lived in Lyon for 24 years, but now and since two years, I live in Dunkerque. I’m currently studying Applied Foreign Languages with the intention of becoming primary school teacher.¬† Here is the homepage of my website, which is divided into the three following categories : my academic career, my professional experiences, an about-me part where you can learn various things you may want to know, a video to introduce myself and a tab where you can find all my blog posts. In hopes of providing you a first glimpse of me.


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