Read and Publish Agreements Jisc

Read and Publish Agreements: A Comprehensive Guide by Jisc

The academic publishing industry is a complex space that has seen a lot of changes in the last few years. One of the major changes that have happened is the emergence of Read and Publish agreements.

Read and Publish agreements are transformative agreements that allow institutions to access journal content and publish their research without additional charges. These agreements are a critical part of open access initiatives designed to increase access to academic research.

Jisc is one of the leading organizations championing Read and Publish agreements in the UK and Europe. In this article, we will explore the basics of Read and Publish agreements, the benefits they offer, and the role that Jisc plays in advocating for them.

What are Read and Publish agreements?

Read and publish agreements are contracts that enable researchers to read and publish academic research at no extra cost. These agreements have been hailed as a significant advancement in the push towards open access publishing.

Under these agreements, publishers receive payment from institutions to cover the publication costs for authors. The institutions then receive unlimited access to the publisher`s content, allowing them to read and distribute the content to their staff and students.

Institutions also receive the right to publish their research articles in the same journal titles covered by the agreement. This offers significant cost savings to institutions, as they do not have to pay separate publication fees for each article.

Benefits of Read and Publish agreements

Read and Publish agreements offer numerous benefits to institutions, researchers, and publishers. Some of the advantages include:

1. Reduced costs – Institutions do not have to pay additional fees to access journal content or publish research articles.

2. Increased access – Researchers have increased access to research, and institutions can distribute research content to their community.

3. Simplified publishing – Institutions can easily publish their research in reputable journals without worrying about the cost.

4. Supporting open access – Read and Publish agreements support the move towards open access publishing, which ensures that academic research is accessible to everyone.

Jisc`s role in advocating for Read and Publish agreements

Jisc is a non-profit organization that champions digital solutions for higher education institutions in the UK. Since 2017, Jisc has been actively involved in promoting Read and Publish agreements to institutions, publishers, and policymakers.

Through its negotiations with publishers, Jisc has secured numerous Read and Publish agreements for UK institutions. These agreements offer cost savings and simplified publishing processes for institutions, ensuring that academic research is readily accessible to everyone.

Jisc has also advocated for a transition to open access publishing through various initiatives. These efforts include supporting the Plan S initiative, which aims to make all publicly funded research freely available by 2025.


Read and Publish agreements are a game-changer in the academic publishing industry. They have the potential to increase access to research and reduce the cost of publishing. Jisc`s advocacy efforts have enabled institutions to benefit from these agreements, ensuring that academic research is accessible to all.

As the publishing industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to embrace solutions that advance open access publishing. Read and Publish agreements are a significant step in this direction, and Jisc`s efforts position UK institutions favourably in this transition.