How Long Is Directv Tv Nfl Sunday Ticket Contract

If you`re a football fan and want to catch all the NFL games, then you might be interested in subscribing to DirecTV`s NFL Sunday Ticket. However, before you sign up, it`s important to know how long the contract is.

The length of the contract for DirecTV`s NFL Sunday Ticket varies depending on which plan you choose. There are two main plans: the NFL Sunday Ticket and the NFL Sunday Ticket Max.

The NFL Sunday Ticket plan has a contract length of one year. This means that you`ll be locked into the service for 12 months and will have to pay for the full year even if you decide to cancel mid-season.

The NFL Sunday Ticket Max plan, on the other hand, has a contract length of two years. This plan offers additional features like live streams on your mobile devices and access to the Red Zone Channel. However, if you choose this plan, you`ll be required to commit to a two-year contract.

It`s also important to note that both plans will automatically renew at the end of the contract period unless you cancel before the renewal date. If you don`t cancel, you`ll be automatically enrolled in the service for another year or two years depending on the plan you selected.

In summary, the length of the NFL Sunday Ticket contract varies depending on the plan you choose. The NFL Sunday Ticket plan has a one-year contract, while the NFL Sunday Ticket Max plan has a two-year contract. It`s essential to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for the service to avoid any surprises down the road.