Td Jakes Sermon on Agreement

Bishop T.D. Jakes is a renowned preacher and author who has touched millions of people`s hearts worldwide with his teachings, sermons, and books. In one of his recent sermons, Bishop Jakes spoke about the importance of agreement and how it can positively impact our lives. In this article, we will delve deeper into Bishop Jakes`s sermon on agreement and how it can create a better world for us.

Bishop Jakes started his sermon by explaining that everything in life involves agreement. Starting from the smallest things like agreeing to meet someone for coffee or bigger commitments like marriage, everything requires agreement. Bishop Jakes also stressed that agreement is not just about two people agreeing on something. Still, it goes beyond that and involves understanding and respecting each other`s views and opinions.

The Bishop then went on to explain that agreement is powerful and can change lives if used positively. If people can come together and agree to a common cause, they can achieve the impossible. Bishop Jakes cited examples of social movements that were successful because of people`s agreement, such as the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, and the anti-apartheid movement.

Bishop Jakes also spoke about the negative impact of disagreement and how it can cause chaos and destruction. He emphasized that disagreement was not bad as it allows people to have different perspectives and opinions. Still, if they fail to reach a common ground, it can lead to conflict and division.

Furthermore, Bishop Jakes spoke about the importance of agreement in building healthy relationships, be it romantic or professional. He explained that agreement helps to establish trust, respect, and understanding, which are integral to any healthy relationship. Also, agreement helps people to communicate better, and this reduces misunderstandings and conflicts.

In conclusion, Bishop T.D. Jakes`s sermon on agreement is a reminder that we need each other to create a better world. Agreement allows us to work together, to achieve success, to build healthy relationships, and to resolve conflicts. Therefore, it is essential to embrace agreement and to strive to understand and respect each other`s views and opinions. Let us learn to agree and make the world a better place.