City of Fort Worth Encroachment Agreement

The City of Fort Worth Encroachment Agreement is an essential document for property owners who wish to make changes to their property that may extend beyond their property lines. Encroachment occurs when a property owner makes improvements or additions that intrude upon public property, such as sidewalks or streets.

The city government has the right to enforce its own property lines and ensure that public infrastructure remains safe and usable. The Encroachment Agreement formalizes the terms between the city and the property owner, granting permission for the encroachment while outlining the property owner`s responsibilities and liabilities in undertaking the changes.

Encroachments can take many forms, such as the installation of a fence, landscape improvements, or the construction of a driveway. These changes can cause hazards to pedestrians or obstruct the flow of traffic, leading to lawsuits or fines for the property owner. The Encroachment Agreement ensures that property owners are aware of potential issues and take necessary precautions to protect public safety.

The agreement also specifies the duration of the encroachment and any financial obligations, such as the reimbursement of city costs associated with the encroachment. Property owners must submit a detailed plan to the city, outlining the proposed changes and their dimensions, before the agreement is signed.

The Encroachment Agreement serves a dual purpose: to hold property owners accountable for their encroachments and to provide a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements for property modifications. Compliance with the agreement can prevent costly litigation and ensure a safe and accessible environment for all residents.

When submitting an Encroachment Agreement, it is recommended that property owners consult with a professional engineer or surveyor to ensure the proposed changes align with property boundaries and comply with all city codes and regulations.

In conclusion, the City of Fort Worth Encroachment Agreement is a crucial document that protects both property owners and the public. With careful planning and adherence to its terms, property owners can make necessary improvements to their property while maintaining safe and functional public spaces.