Concord Agreement in English: Understanding the Importance of Subject-Verb Agreement

In English grammar, subject-verb agreement is a crucial concept that is often overlooked. It refers to the agreement between the subject and the verb in a sentence. This agreement ensures that the sentence is grammatically correct, clear, and easy to understand. Concord agreement in English is one of the most essential techniques used to structure language and is important to learn for anyone seeking to improve their writing skills.

What is Concord Agreement in English?

Concord agreement, also known as subject-verb agreement, is the rule that dictates that the verb in a sentence must agree in number with the subject. In other words, if the subject is singular, the verb must be singular as well. Likewise, if the subject is plural, the verb must be plural. This agreement is important in maintaining the coherence and meaning of a sentence.


Singular subject + Singular verb

– He walks to school.

– She sings beautifully.

Plural subject + Plural verb

– They run every morning.

– The birds chirp loudly in the morning.

Why is Concord Agreement Important?

Concord agreement is important for two primary reasons: clarity and correctness. First, it ensures that sentences are clear and easy to understand. When there is concord between the subject and the verb, the message is conveyed more effectively, and the sentence sounds more natural and fluent.

Second, subject-verb agreement is essential in ensuring grammatical correctness. Grammatically incorrect sentences can be ambiguous, confusing, and misleading. They can also make the author appear careless and unprofessional. When you use correct concord agreement, you will enhance your credibility and increase the effectiveness of your writing.

Common Errors in Concord Agreement

Errors in concord agreement are common, even among experienced writers and editors. One prevalent mistake is when a sentence contains a singular subject and a plural verb or vice versa.

Here are some examples of common errors in concord agreement:

– Incorrect: The team of players are happy with their performance.

– Correct: The team of players is happy with their performance.

– Incorrect: The book on the table looks interesting.

– Correct: The books on the table look interesting.

– Incorrect: The classes start early in the morning.

– Correct: The class starts early in the morning.

Tips to Improve Concord Agreement

To improve your concord agreement skills in English, consider the following tips:

– Always check the subject and verb agreement in a sentence before publishing, submitting, or sending it.

– Learn the rules of concord agreement in English and review them regularly.

– Practice forming sentences with proper concord agreement.

– Read widely and take note of how other writers use proper concord agreement in their writing.


In summary, concord agreement in English is a fundamental concept that every writer must understand. By applying proper concord agreement, you can improve the clarity and correctness of your writing, while also enhancing your credibility as a professional writer. Remember to check your subject-verb agreement in every sentence you write, and always practice and review the rules to perfect your writing skills.