Australian Red Cross Enterprise Agreement 2018

The Australian Red Cross Society is one of the most prominent humanitarian organizations across the globe, providing assistance to the vulnerable communities and individuals in times of need. In 2018, the organization signed a new enterprise agreement with its employees, outlining their working conditions, benefits, and entitlements.

The new Australian Red Cross Enterprise Agreement 2018 aimed to improve the working conditions of its employees and provide them with better benefits and entitlements. The agreement covered the Australian Red Cross Society`s employees across Australia, including the National Office, Blood Service, and Community Services.

Under the agreement, the Australian Red Cross employees received a pay rise of 2% per annum, which was to be reviewed annually. They were also entitled to a range of benefits such as parental leave, study leave, and a generous redundancy package. The new agreement also addressed the issues of work-life balance, allowing employees to work flexible hours and work from home if required.

The enterprise agreement recognized employees` right to join a union and emphasized the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. It also provided provisions for the protection of employees from discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

The Australian Red Cross Society`s new enterprise agreement was a significant milestone in recognizing the essential work of its employees and their contribution to the organization`s success. By providing them with a fair and equitable working environment, the organization aimed to attract and retain the best talent in the industry, which would ultimately lead to better outcomes for the vulnerable communities.

In conclusion, the Australian Red Cross Society`s 2018 enterprise agreement was a positive step towards recognizing the valuable contribution of its employees and providing them with better working conditions and benefits. The new agreement addressed the issues of work-life balance, unionization, and workplace safety, ensuring that the employees were productive, satisfied, and motivated to deliver their best work.